I help you unleash your confidence and creativity!

In my program, I will help you get back the confidence and creativity you were born with and start living the life you desire!

In my 30 day program you'll receive:

  • Daily Active Affirmations
30 inspiring video tutorials showing you how to use your voice and body to declare empowering beliefs about yourself. You will transform self doubt and negative thought patterns into positive new ways of thinking and feeling.
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions
Three 60 minute sessions where I work with you one on one to achieve your own unique goals. I give you tools to reconnect with your innate creativity and radiant confidence so you can start living the life you are meant to live.
  • Journal Exercises
Amazing writing exercises to help you discover unconscious or hidden beliefs you may have, connect to your experiences and emotions, and find gratitude to uplift you.
  • 1 Small Group Coaching Session
A 60 minute session where you work with me and the other women in the program to gain insight, share personal triumphs and celebrate your progress.

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