Why try to squeeze yourself into a box of being an expert at just one thing?

Was Einstein only an expert at one thing? Nope! So, just be yourself and express all of what makes you amazing!

I’m a mindset and empowerment expert, and I’m also an expert singer and actress.

The more things you do that bring you happiness and joy, the more confident, inspired and inspiring you will be! When you express all of yourself, you will be living in alignment with your purpose and power.

About my music…

I’ve been writing and performing songs since I was very little. Lyrics and melodies have always come naturally to me. I started training on the piano and then moved on to learn the violin, the bassoon, the trumpet and the guitar. But my favorite instrument is my voice. I absolutely love to sing, and I feel the most myself when I’m on stage, completely lost in singing a song.

There are emotions I can express in a note or an inflection when I’m singing that can’t be communicated with just words, and that's one of my favorite things about music.

I have two bands, my own Indie Rock band, and an Electronic Pop Duo with my husband called Montauk's Infinity. I perform in New York City often and you can listen to and buy my songs on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Want to come see me sing or know when I’m releasing a new song?