I’m so happy you’re here!

I help entrepreneurs and professionals be confident on camera, on stage or in the spotlight.

I teach you how to shine in your videos, webinars, Facebook and Instagram Lives, IGTVs, speaking engagements, presentations, work meetings and more!


If you get anxious or nervous to speak in front of others or get behind a camera, you’re not alone!

Did you know that public speaking is 75% of the population’s biggest fear?

Public speaking is not just referring to giving a speech either. It means anytime you speak in front of others.

I used to be absolutely terrified to get up on stage, get on camera and even just share my ideas in a group.

Singing and acting always came naturally to me my entire life, but getting up to sing or act in front of people, was an entirely different story. When I was young, it just meant singing and acting in my bedroom or whenever I was alone.

As I got older and finally worked up the courage to get a degree in Theatre, I once ran off the stage 3 times in an acting class before I finally performed. I was THAT scared.

I was so afraid of looking “stupid”, “failing”, getting “stuck” up there, or not being “good enough.”

Sound familiar?

But I learned to be a rockstar on stage and so can you!

I once had a famous actress in the audience at one of my shows tell me that I have amazing stage presence.

So, if a girl as terrified as I was can shine on stage, you absolutely freaking can!

And!!! It can be FUN!



I learned to have fun in the spotlight, so why can’t you?

I promise you can be confident on camera, on stage and in your life!

I’ll show you how to do it!


I offer programs and packages to help you be confident on camera, on stage and in life!