Unleash your Confidence Program

30 days of unleashing all the awesomeness you have inside! You’ll learn how to love yourself unconditionally and accept ALL of yourself! You’ll get private coaching with me, lessons and support around trusting yourself, stepping into your power, expressing your gifts and developing a positive mindset!

You’ll let go of playing small and let your authentic self SHINE.

In the program you'll receive:

  1. Three private 60 minute coaching sessions with me where we work together to accomplish your unique goals. I will show you how to practice self love, listen to your instincts and trust yourself. You will say goodbye to doubt and start standing in your power! I will give you tools to develop the confidence of a rockstar, the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having with your body and a positive and abundant mindset.

  2. 30 inspiring Active Affirmations that will motivate you to your core, and help you transform self-doubt into self-confidence. You will develop empowered beliefs about yourself and feel amazing. I’ll send you daily videos showing you exactly how to do the Active Affirmations and give you bonus tips to form a healthy and happy mindset.

  3. A personalized Active Affirmation that I create just for you to help you remember how incredibly awesome you are. This will be exactly what YOU need to hear. (Trust me - this works! There may be tears of joy and relief involved.)

  4. A personalized morning routine I design just for you to get YOU motivated and inspired. You’ll connect to your body, mind and spirit right away when you wake up in the morning. You’ll feel refreshed, energized and ready to go after what you want. (It will feel INCREDIBLE.)

  5. A group session with the other amazing women in the program for you to share what you’ve learned, celebrate your progress and support one another. This is one of the most special parts of the program! You will gain so much wisdom, connection and energy from your sister circle of other powerful women!

  6. Access to our private Facebook group full of women just like you, who are also ready to step into their power, let go of playing small, and be their most authentic, radiant, confident selves! You’ll have their additional support and guidance.

  7. Print-Outs of my favorite and most helpful practices clearly explained for you.

  8. Writing prompts to help you dive deeper into the work and connect to your higher self.

  9. Weekly accountability check-ins from me to keep you on track. 


“Jessica has this amazingly warm, strong and friendly energy that makes her clients feel super comfortable talking to her. She is a wonderful resource for positivity for all women. Thank you so much, Jessica, for making such a positive impact and change in my life!” -Liz Theresa


“I recommend anyone and everyone to work with Jessica! It makes you feel better about yourself and the lessons are very needed. If you have any issues with confidence, doubt, decisiveness, not being consistent, take this opportunity for some self-love and self-care and work with Jessica!” -Iyeshia Redrick


“Like many women, I have struggled with self confidence throughout my life. Jessica helped me to challenge some of my core beliefs and relieve me of some of my unhealthy and unhelpful paradigms. I’m so grateful to Jessica for providing this program. “ -Nell Field


Are you ready to unleash your awesomeness?