Unleash your Confidence

Unleash your Confidence is a 4 week program that squashes your doubts and limiting beliefs so you can get back in touch with your courage and confidence!

You’ll learn how to let go of fear and any stories or patterns you may be repeating that are no longer serving you.

You’ll remember how amazing you are! You’ll remember that you were born for a reason and have a powerful spark within you. You’ll get back in touch with that crazy energy you had when you were little and went after whatever you wanted without hesitation.

In the program you'll receive:

  1. 3 private 60 minute virtual coaching sessions with me where we work together to get you back in touch with your courage and confidence. I will show you how to connect with your higher-self, listen to your instincts and get inspired. I will give you tools to develop a positive mindset and start living in a state of joy and abundance so you can manifest your dreams!

  2. A personalized affirmation that is exactly what you need to hear to start feeling high-vibe and inspired right away. (Trust me - this works! There may be tears of joy involved.) You will develop an empowered belief about yourself and a healthy mindset.

  3. 30 additional affirmations that will motivate you to your core and help you transform self-doubt into radiant confidence. I’ll also send you videos showing you how to add movement to them and make them Active Affirmations to have an even bigger impact on your mindset, as well as a bonus tips to to stay positive.

  4. A personalized morning routine I design just for you to get you motivated and inspired right away every morning. You’ll get connected to your body, mind and spirit before you start your day. You’ll feel energized and ready to go after what you want.

  5. A VIP private in-person coaching session with me where we dive deep into your desires and start turning them into your reality! We’ll also celebrate you and all your progress!

  6. Print-Outs of my favorite and most helpful practices.

  7. Journal exercises to go even deeper into the work!

  8. An accountability tracker for you to see the strides you’re making in your mindset, confidence and abundance. 


“Jessica is a wonderful resource of positivity for all women. She has this amazingly warm, strong and friendly energy that makes her clients feel super comfortable talking to her. Thank you so much, Jessica, for making such a positive impact and change in my life!” -Liz Theresa


“I recommend anyone and everyone to work with Jessica! It makes you feel better about yourself and the lessons are very needed. If you have any issues with confidence, doubt, decisiveness, not being consistent, take this opportunity for some self-love and self-care and work with Jessica!” -Iyeshia Redrick


“Like many women, I have struggled with self confidence throughout my life. Jessica helped me to challenge some of my core beliefs and relieve me of some of my unhealthy and unhelpful paradigms. I’m so grateful to Jessica for providing this program. “ -Nell Field


Ready to believe in your dreams 100%?