Unleash your Confidence & Creativity Program

In my 30 day program, you get the tools to feel radiantly confident and wildly creative. You get private coaching, lessons and support around finding your power, expressing your gifts and learning to trust and love yourself.

In the program you'll receive:

  1. 30 video tutorials with Active Affirmations showing you how to use your voice and body together to declare positive statements about yourself and transform self doubt into empowered beliefs.

  2. A personalized Active Affirmation that we create together to help you feel your absolute best.

  3. A personalized morning routine I design just for you to get you motivated each day.

  4. Four private 60 minute coaching sessions with me where we work together one on one to help you get back the radiant confidence you were born with, practice self love, develop a positive mindset, learn how to trust yourself, connect with your innate creativity and accomplish your unique goals.

  5. Access to our private Facebook group that is just for the women in the program.

  6. Journal prompts to help you unravel the wisdom within and practice gratitude.

  7. Weekly accountability check-ins from me via text. 


“Jessica has this amazingly warm, strong and friendly energy that makes her clients feel super comfortable talking to her. She is a wonderful resource for positivity for all women. Thank you so much, Jessica, for making such a positive impact and change in my life!” -Liz Theresa


“I recommend anyone and everyone to work with Jessica! It makes you feel better about yourself and the lessons are very needed. If you have any issues with confidence, doubt, decisiveness, not being consistent, take this opportunity for some self-love and self-care and work with Jessica!” -Iyeshia Redrick


“Like many women, I have struggled with self confidence throughout my life. Jessica helped me to challenge some of my core beliefs and relieve me of some of my unhealthy and unhelpful paradigms. I’m so grateful to Jessica for providing this program. “ -Nell Field


Workshops & Professional Development

I offer transformational workshops and professional development. I facilitate workshops in empowerment, improvisation, acting, relationship building, nonverbal communication, and public speaking. Workshops can be as short as1 hour or as long as a full day.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or professional development please contact me.