What clients are saying:


“I couldn’t be happier that I connected with Jessica. Her sessions always make me feel refreshed and enlightened. She is super positive, insightful and patient! One of the most unexpected and valuable things I’ve learned from Jessica’s coaching, is that instead of fighting our emotions, we should really embrace them. Whatever goals you have, Jessica is your trusted partner in achieving them.”

-Katya Ogneva-dobryanskaya


“Jessica created a nonjudgmental space for me to authentically and confidently connect with my feelings. She is not only a highly skilled coach, but she is also very much in tune with people’s individual needs. Book a session with her, you won’t be disappointed!”

-Jessica BickLEy


“I attended Jessica’s women’s empowerment retreat and it was one of the greatest weekends ever! we bonded, we did amazing workshops, we worked really hard at discovering some things that were holding us back, we were empowered and we learned great morning routines!

-Leslie Matsas


“Jessica's retreat location was absolutely beautiful. Relaxing with the ocean waves in your ears and soft sand in your toes. The days are packed with informative and useful tools, a few I use everyday! If you're looking to get empowered, connected & centered, join one of Jessica retreats!”

- Sue Riegelmann