What clients are saying:


“One of the greatest things I did for myself was work with Jessica Lee! I couldn’t be happier! She helped me with confidence in my voice, my gestures and expressing myself confidently. She is super positive, insightful and patient! She helped me learn more ways to be expressive. I loved the experience so much that I shared it with friends and hired Jessica to do workshops. Everyone loved it! If you really want to get a cheerleader to help you unleash your confidence, definitely work with Jessica!”

-Katya Ogneva-dobryanskaya


“Like many women, I have struggled with self-confidence throughout my life. My sessions with Jessica helped me to see some of my roadblocks and my difficulty with thinking about things outside of my normal patterns of thought. Jessica helped challenge some of my unhealthy and unhelpful paradigms. I’m so grateful to Jessica!”

- Nell Field


“Jessica created a nonjudgmental space for me to authentically and confidently connect with my feelings. She is not only a highly skilled coach, but she is also very much in tune with people’s individual learning needs in a warm and steady way. Book a session with her, you won’t be disappointed!”

-Jessica Bickley


“I attended Jessica’s women’s empowerment retreat and it was one of the greatest weekends ever! We bonded, did amazing workshops, worked really hard at discovering some things that were holding us back, learned great morning routines and were empowered!

-Leslie Matsas


“Jessica's retreat location was absolutely beautiful. The days are packed with informative and useful tools, a few I use everyday! If you're looking to get empowered, connected & centered, join one of Jessica retreats!”

- Sue Riegelmann